We didn't have anything fancy. Definitely in need of upgrade! April 24

Desert Camping, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

My wife is not the first person when I think about going camping. She is not much of a camping person. She’d do this to make me happy. This was her way of giving me a birthday present. Whatever the occasion was or how it started, I wasn’t going to waste it. I had to take all the advantage I could! :)

Set Them Free April 23

Set Them Free

  How would you describe JeepwithKids.com? Cute kid photos and proud daddies? Great Jeeps and adventurous tikes? Exploring the off-road world as a means of familial bonding and adventure, personal relaxation and enjoyment, and getting to know fellow off-road enthusiasts?   That last sentence is how I see Jeep with Kids. When I think of […]

Can we make it? We will find out! :) April 17

The Best Day a Jeep Dad Could Ask For

Last Saturday was the end of the Spring Break, and it was supposedly my day off from babysitting 24/7. I thought of doing one night of backcountry camping in Joshua Tree NP in a way of testing my manhood, but somehow I ended up playing one round of golf on Friday and having a Jeep adventure with my daughter next day, which is pretty much everything a Jeep dad can ask for! :)

DSC05041 April 15

Jeeping 101 – Articulation

  Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines articulation as follows … ar·tic·u·la·tion  noun \(ˌ)är-ˌti-kyə-ˈlā-shən\ 1 a :  a joint or juncture between bones or cartilages in the skeleton of a vertebrate b :  a movable joint between rigid parts of an animal 2 a :  the action or manner of jointing or interrelating b :  the state of being jointed or interrelated 3 […]

Big-Brothers-Jeep-Run-1 April 13

2014 Big Run by Toxic Crush

We have featured his blog on JWK few weeks ago, but we have to share this one as well. The guy behind this awesome blog called, Toxic Crush is named, Brad Hill,  a good and talented fellow Forbiddenjeeps member. I have a feeling that he could be our regular quest! :) Please click the link below! 2014 Big Run

itsnotacar April 10

A Cult of Jeep

There are certain protocols that you must learn when you enter a cult of Jeep. You just bought a Jeep? Then you are in it whether you intended or not. Having a Jeep doesn’t automatically make you a Jeeper. There are certain behaviors that are not adequate to be called a Jeeper. Some of us just don’t take Jeep ownership lightly. Some ignores it and pays the price.

Having fun with my baby April 08

Training to go Solo

    I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that I’m getting excited about the 2014 wheeling season, but now I’m both excited and nervous. That’s because I just asked my husband if I could take Lil’ Bruiser out to wheel it without him!   Last Saturday Skot came home from a men’s […]

Texas-Big-Bend-jeep-3 April 04

Big Bend National Park Jeep Adventure by Toxic Crush

This is one story that you must hear. There’s tons of cool picture and it contains information that you find useful. See how a fellow Jeep got out the “situation” which we all can find ourselves in it someday. *knock on wood. :) Please click the link below! Big Bend National Park Jeep Adventure.  

20140324-103908.jpg April 03

Alayna’s First Jeep Trip!

Originally posted on Creating a Constable:
We finally decided that Alayna was ready for her first Jeep trip! We go on several different trips a year and this one was to Calico! We bought her a new car seat so that we could turn her forward facing for the trail and Geoff had the top…

DSC00396 April 01

Jeeping 101 – Trail Communications

It should go without saying that when you’re out on the Jeep trails, safety is the number one priority, especially when you’ve got kids along. And one of the most critical skills to safe wheeling is communication. When the trail gets rough, having clear communications and a few simple rules will go a long way […]

Shelby March 25

Bring on the Sun!

I learned a big lesson last year about which type of sunscreen you should use on kids. I always keep a small tube of baby sunscreen in my hiking backpack and have since Peanut was a baby. But on our annual trip to Moab last year, I just expected it to be there without checking before we headed out on the hot, dusty desert trails.

MUD NO March 20

G Rated Mudding, Jeep With Kids Style

So when SoCal had hit with a rain few weeks ago, and kids ball games got canceled, it left me with only one thing to do, dragging kids out of the house for some mudding!

DSC06164 March 18

Jeeping 101: Getting Unstuck

The saying goes: “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye”. In the Jeeping world this could be translated that “it’s all fun and games until someone gets stuck”. Having the tools and know-how for safe vehicle extraction can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a ruined outing.

g1370284673580405403 March 13

“Well, If You Ever Plan to Motor West,”

After all, I drag myself to a desolate wasteland for a reason. This is my way of getaway from all the craziness I have to deal with in daily basis. When I’m out here, I want to be able to hear winds, trees, birds, rains, the sound of nature!

Sweet Jeeping Dreams March 11

Spring Jeeping Fever

Those who live in warmer climates get to wheel all year round, but here in Colorado, many of our mountain trails are dangerous when icy or blocked by snow. While we are blessed to have a few open trails and some hardy friends crazy enough to go snow wheelin’ with us, many of our favorite […]

FoeverWave-10%-off March 10

ForeverWave.com Special 10% off Discount Offer!

JWK is proud to announce this great saving opportunity! Forever Wave, a company behind ‘the only patent pending interchangeable roll bar flag sysyem’ is offering 10% off discount on all of their products to all of JWK fans around the world for an unlimited period.

download (1) March 07

The “Claire Ann”

She was named by my husband, D, who brought her back to life in 2010, and named her for our daughter, Claire Ann. She now sits proudly as part of the Battle of the Bulge Diorama, where thousands of visitors see her each month, none of whom are aware of her namesake…but the conception of the Claire Ann started many years before, in a nowhere town in West-Central Pennsylvania.

im-sorry-bear March 06

Jeeper’s Problem #112

What does that mean in “general” population? Not only I have to be careful not to cut off anyone or honk at anyone in my town, I have to deal with my neighbors and friends waving at me while passing each others on the road.

DSC02537 March 04

Jeeping 101: Off-Road Air Pressure

I was in the middle of doing my own trail prep (airing down and disconnecting sway bars). I introduced myself and welcomed him. After pleasantries were exchanged, he nervously asked me, “What do I do now?” I quickly replied with a short list of good things to do before getting started. The look on his face was quite puzzled. He sheepishly responded, “You mean we let the air OUT of the tires??”

RE321 February 27

THE PERFECT FURLOUGH DAY, PART 3 – “This Ain’t Asphalt, Son. This is Dirt.”

Not sure if they completely understood but I have to teach my kids the right stuff the right way. Adopting driving skills and learning how to control a vehicle can be taught as early as it can! I think sooner the better!

IMG_4384 February 25

It’s a Jeep Baby Thing

“First comes love, then comes marriage,” so the saying goes, “then comes the baby in the baby carriage!” So what do you get when a Jeep Guy falls in love with and marries a Jeep Girl? A Jeep Baby! When I was pregnant with Peanut, I loved the idea of maternity photos. A sweet friend […]


Jeep Widow’s Lament

We’ll call her “Phoebe”. He spends his days and nights with her. She can get him on his back, in a feverish sweat, as his lusty cries rise from their greasy little love nest in the basement. He would rather spend time under her hood than mine, if you know what I mean (nudge, nudge). I am a jeep widow.

REcollage February 20

The Perfect Furlough Day, Part 2 – Back In Time

The rest is a good ol’ fun that kids can enjoy exploring. The thrill of throwing rocks to a bottomless pit is something that you can never get out of playing video games. ‘Get outta town’ you might say but I ain’t joking because I’ve seen it in my kids eyes. :)

Jeep stuck February 18

Jeeping 101 Driving Techniques

The more time I spend on trails the more I am convinced that driving skill is the number one thing that gets you through difficult situations. I have watched a mildly built rig walk through an obstacle with ease while a far more built one spent an embarrassingly long time trying to do the same. […]

Us February 10

For Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is three days away; have you gotten a gift for the Jeep lover in your life? If you’re looking for last minute ideas, or a little something extra, here are a few options for the Jeep lady, Jeep kid, or Jeep man in your life!* For your Jeep Lady: Jeep Clothing: Every lady […]


Free Sticker Event

As the part of 1 year Anniversary celebration, JWK will distribute free logo stickers again! Now this time, we will have a little fun with it. Every week now and then for the whole month of February, we will pick random questions from JWK blog and post it on JWK Facebook and Twitter. You will have to find the answer by surfing JWK blog and send the answer via direct messages.

happy-1st-birthday-ecard February 07

Now and Then, 1 Year Anniversary of JWK

Tomorrow February 7, 2014, JWK will celebrate its 1 year anniversary. I personally cannot believe how much it has grown. I still remember writing, 1 month Anniversary, blog on March 1, 2013, with the utmost aspiration. When I look at those “staggering” numbers today, I’m so humble and thankful for where I am as JWK. […]

RE227 February 06

The Perfect Furlough

Not being able to engage in 4×4 gear for over 3 months and half is okay for a regular people, but for a guy who runs a blog called, Jeep With Kids, and for who has been an advocate of kids involving in a nature, this was unacceptable behavior.

swearing_17l0ebr-17l0ec1 February 04

#@*$%! Trail Etiquette

While the use of profane language is the right of every American, it’s not appropriate or mature in every situation, and adults ought to know the difference.

REIMG_6485 January 30

Keep Calm and Carry On

I wasn’t sure how many hills I drove up and down until I got to this spot where I start recording the video below, just about 5 minutes before the video recording started, both of my kids were chanting, “We’re gonna die!” in laughter.

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