Image Credit: Drivingline January 09

DrivingLineHoliday on the Trails: The Historic Mojave Road – DrivingLine

I’m not sure if you noticed. If you’ve been following JWK for a while, you may have suspected already. I L.O.V.E. desert and I can’t lie. My Twitter name is Desert Bait, so there you have it. :) I recently picked up photography as a new passion. I take my camera wherever I go now. If […]


2015 Lost Jeep SoCal Hangover Crawl by Numbers

7 O’Clock What a great start of new year! I went to bed little after midnight. My kids were off to in-laws, so it was me all alone. I haven’t gone to offroading for a long time, so this was going to be a good day I thought. I’ve never waken up so early on […]

new year December 30

Celebrating a New Self

I can’t remember when it all started and how it unfolded. I became insusceptible when it came to “celebrating” a day such as New Years day. Other than celebrating my kids birthday nothing really gets me in the mood. New Years day to me is just another day. I can’t understand how people would stay […]

john cj7 December 16

Jeeping 101 – Choosing the right Jeep

For the first time Jeep owner, the options can seem overwhelming and questions abound.  Should I buy an older Jeep or a newer one?  Should I buy something stock or find one that has already been built up? Do I buy a Wrangler, a Cherokee, or one of the other models?  What the heck is […]

Photo Credit: & December 06

DrivingLine | Off-Road Basics: Trail Etiquette

Jeep With Kids on this week got fortunate to find this awesome blog on internet via couple of awesome people, Skot of our own and a Cool Guy. It only took 5 minute behind a keyboard to find Lori Carey who we give all the credit for allowing us to share her piece. Lori is […]

Happy camper November 18

Facing the Fears

Some fears are inborn. Some fears are learned. Some fears are a combination of the two: An innate sense given to us for our protection combined with seeing others frightened of the same thing. And regardless of where it came from, most Jeep Kids sooner or later will experience some fear of Jeeping – yes, […]

DSC05025 November 12

Jeeping 101 – air compressors

One of the most important tools to have off-road is some form of air pressure.  Having on-board air makes re-inflating tires from trail pressures more convenient, helps deal with tire punctures and broken beads, and some can even run air tools.  There are several options in having air pressure on the trails and they vary […]

DSC07942 October 28

Saran Wrap/Eagle Rock: An Impromptu Off-Season Run

The wheeling season is chalk-full of calendared club runs and penciled-in camping trips, but part of the fun of the off-season is throwing together non-club runs on the spur of the moment. And last week, we were able to join in on such a trip. A friend of ours from Denver contacted my husband a […]

death wobble 2 October 22

Jeeping 102 – Death Wobble

It takes all of 5 minutes of perusing off-road forums or Facebook pages to find someone complaining about the infamous death wobble. I’ve seen folks ranting and raving about how Jeep needs to solve this problem and how it’s a major safety issue. Yes, it’s a safety issue, but no, Jeep doesn’t need to solve […]

camping-bugs-4wheelparts October 16

Don’t Let the Bugs Bug You

David Beran‘s back with an article titled, Don’t Let the Bugs Bug You. David is a copywriter with 4 Wheel Drive Hardware. :) – Jesse. Don’t Let the Bugs Bug You The trail has hazards that come in all shapes and sizes, but one of them is a mostly unseen, often winged threat that can bring your […]

DSC07824 October 14

The Backyard Tent Test

On Sunday, September 28th, Skot and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. We had a wonderful weekend together, and took the day before to escape all alone to jaunt around Colorado Springs to do some shopping, bowling, and dining. We left Peanut with my mom and headed to the outlet shops at Castle Rock. As […]

dsc06914 October 07

Winter Build Plans

WOW! October is here already, leaves are changing, nights are getting frosty, and believe it or not, it’s less than 3 months till Christmas! Now is the time to take stock of where your Jeep sits, uncover hidden damage that might have occurred during summer wheeling, and make those all-important winter build decisions. For us […]

DSC07588 September 23

Summer’s Last Hurrah: Holy Cross Trail

I had a plan for our summer. We continued to take our Jeep out during the winter last year and spring this year, and I watched Peanut critically. Though last year was wonderful and she’s always been a hardy and well-behaved Jeeper, clumsy toddlerhood tumbles and long days took their toll on her little body. […]

DSC00398 September 17

Jeeping 101 – The Great Transmission Debate

One of the most hotly debated issues in the world of off-road is the debate over whether the automatic or manual transmission is better for wheeling. While I doubt there will ever be a clear winner, there are real differences and both have advantages and disadvantages. The simple and reliable standard transmission has been installed […]

DSC07417 September 09

Labor Day Getaway

Camping has long been a type of therapy for me. Having camped since I was a kid, I’ve always loved it, and when life goes haywire, it becomes a necessity. When my brother died in 2008, I asked my husband for one thing: Go camping! When Peanut was six weeks old, it was time: Go […]

Hayden 9 September 03

A Memorable Trip in the Sangres

Some days are more memorable than others out on the 4X4 trails. We’ve had days with rollovers breakdowns, pregnancies, and just about any other thing you could imagine. Saturday was not one of those days, but it was memorable in its own right, just in smaller ways. In our club we divide into 3 groups […]

DSC07216 August 19

Wheeling Wheeler

Wheeler Lake is a popular club trail and family favorite. With a peak elevation of 12,200 ft, magnificent vistas, and fun obstacles, Wheeler Lake offers Jeepers everything they could want. The history of this beautiful trail is a true Colorado tale, as I detailed in a post here about last year’s run. This year, we […]

DSC06323 August 13

Jeeping 101 – Odds and ends

Spend enough time on the trails and you’ll see just about every odd breakdown, issue, and odd fix, and it truly can bring out the inner MacGyver – in anyone. Today’s blog isn’t really as much of a “how to” as much as it is a “be prepared for the unexpected”. Your ability to understand […]

DSC06999 August 05

Ouray Mountain Adventures, Part Two, Imogene Pass

Imogene Pass is the second highest mountain pass that’s traversed by unimproved roads in Colorado, and is one of the most beautiful, too. Named for Imogene Richardson, the wife of a miner, this road was built in 1880 to access Ouray from Tomboy Mine, which was situated in the mountain high above Telluride.   Last […]

porta July 31

When Nature Calls

David Beran‘s back with an article titled, When Nature Calls… Handling Business Out on the Trail With Kids. David is a copywriter with 4 Wheel Drive Hardware. :) – Jesse. When Nature Calls… Handling Business Out on the Trail With Kids Off-roading out on the trail is good, clean natural fun, but part of being natural is […]

DSC06868-1 July 30

Ouray Mountain Adventures, Part One: Black Bear Pass

This post needs to begin with a Disclaimer: Pictures, pictures, pictures. This post is photo-laden and not ashamed. If you don’t like pictures of craggy mountains decked with colorful wildflowers, photos of death-defying Jeep trails, and the digitally told story of a fun family camping trip, you may want to stop here. But if you […]

big-jeep July 22

Jeeping 201 : Gearing

OK, so you’ve got your new Jeep, what’s the first thing you want to do (other than get it muddy, of course)? You want to go put that lift and those big knobby tires on it.  Now you’ve got your lift and tires on, its lookin’ sweet, and it’s time for a test drive.  Just […]

RE104 July 17

Camping with Style

It is a shame to say that I do Minivan with kids sometimes, but I gotta to what I gotta do to enjoy outdoor with whole family! Just whatever it takes to bring them out there, right folks? :)

DSC06347-1 July 15


Much to my husband’s supportive delight in my interest/adorable disappointment in giving up his Jeep, I am taking the wheel more and more – and I wanted to run Grizzly Lake up and back.

RE153h July 10

Home Is Where Happy Memories Grow

I belong to this community and no one will deny my right. This community will be my home for many years and will be my kids hometown. I want my kids to have the same sense of belonging, so that when they grow up and wherever they might be, they could have a place to call home.

DSC06257 July 08

Set Them Free Off-Road 2014, Part One: Iron Chest

There were eight trails to choose from during the weekend, and with over 200 participants, those eight trails were busy! We chose to run two trails on Saturday: Iron Chest and Grizzly Lake.

RE027 July 03

I am an American!

You can boast how more American you are than me on my face, but you will never take away my right to raise my children as a proud American. They will grow up to be a law-abiding, tax paying, God-fearing, contributing member of this society, and I will make sure of that until I die.

jeep skid 1 July 01

Jeeping 201 : Protecting your undercarriage

These incidents highlight the importance of thinking ahead and analyzing the potential threats to your vehicle’s undercarriage when wheeling. Factory skid-plates on most Jeeps are adequate for light trail driving, but as soon as you start looking for more difficult challenges, it is an issue that must be addressed.

DSC06110 June 24

Private Property Playground Perfection

  It’s rather convenient to have friends who have built an entire off-road fun land on their home’s property!   Through the wonders of social networking, my husband became acquainted with Andrew, a young man who lives just 85 miles south of us in Trinidad, Colorado. As it turns out, Andrew grew up on over […]

Kraken June 17

Jeeping 101 : Tires

Tires, they seem pretty basic, they’re round (usually), rubber, knobby, and the bigger the better.  But what seems like a pretty simple thing is actually one of the most complicated, expensive, and important decisions you can make in your Jeep build.  Important aspects of tire selection include architecture, tread pattern, rubber composition, and size. There […]


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